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*Paleo-Future - This site was profiled in Southwest Airline's seat-back magazine. The author posts predictions from the past about what the future would look like. Most of the technological developments should have come to fruition right now, and thus our ancestors certainly find us to be slackers.

*Rany on the Royals - This guy writes for Baseball Prospectus, which is widely recognized as the best baseball publication around. You would think that a person who immersed himself in every baseball stat imaginable would be boring as heck, but this cat is funny. And smart. Not only does he do this site, but he also contributes to...

FiveThirtyEight.com - Wow. Statistics overload, unlike anything I've ever seen before. This site looks at every poll imaginable to predict who is going to win the Presidency. Right now they are predicting an Obama victory. If you want to argue with them, then that is your prerogative. God bless your soul when your head explodes from trying to out-argue stat gurus. I find the stuff really interesting, partly because I want to see if their interpretations of the data actually ring true come election day. Amazingly, they make statistics entertaining. Math teachers everywhere, take note.

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