Countdown to U2: Rumors and a Banjo

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Almost peed my pants a little bit this morning when I read this story from in my reader.

U2 frontman Bono has inadvertently given French fans a preview of their new album, which is reportedly called No Line On The Horizon.

Cheeky fans wandering near the Irish singer and activist's home in Eze, in the south Of France, heard his distinctive voice booming out of the family's villa and recorded clips of it on a mobile phone.

Song snippets of the previously unreleased tracks are on YouTube and fans now expect they will on the supergroup's 12th studio record, out on November 15.

That's only half the story. To read the other half, you need to go to the site itself, and there are a couple more juicy tidbits there. Oh, man. I'm so excited. For the album, but also for the prospects of the accompanying tour.

So after reading this, I head over to Youtube. Conflicted, I enter "No Line On The Horizon" into the search bar and fire it up. A bunch of things show up, but I just skim over the videos. I don't really want to hear the clips. Not on Youtube. No, I want to hear them on the morning of November 15 through quality Sony headphones headphones in my comfy recliner with a cup of coffee. But the temptation to get a peek. Oh, my poor virgin ears.

Then, a reprieve. Someone has posted and acoustic version of Vertigo that I have never seen before. Is that Edge playing a banjo? Sho' 'nuff. It's tizzight. I don't know where it came from, and itunes doesn't have it registered. That's fine. It should be enough to tide me over until 11/15.

On a side note, here's a thought provoking (though mature) exercise for you in light of this video. If you can't handle adult themes, we'll see ya next week.

Anyone left?

Ok. So, it has been said that you can interpret U2 songs through the lenses of both spirituality and sexuality. I've read books where authors do one or the other and come to drastically different conclusions about what Bono is talking about in a given song. Like, some folks will listen to the lyrics for Mysterious Ways and hear a poem about the Holy Spirit. Others hear a spicy poem about a beautiful woman.

The lyrics to Vertigo are equally as interesting. It certainly could be a statement about the love of God, but it could also make for a video that would garner an R rating.

Fair Dinkum

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  1. Broken Artist 9:07 PM
    freaking had a dream bono and i became good friends. he was drunk when i met him and showed me a notebook of lyrics. great dream.
  2. Broken Artist 9:08 PM
    also great post. that made my night, that little bit of info. how amazing to be one of those people who heard bono singing outside. amazing.

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