The U2 Countdown: Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

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As we await the drop of the next U2 album, we continue to look at some of the lesser known songs in the U2 library. Today's selection is a love song. In some respects, it's pretty simple. Fairly simple vocals and a background track that seems tailor fit for radio. Lyrically, there is a little more going. The beauty of the whole things is that on the surface it is a song that you can play and understand as a love/jealousy story. But deeper than that there are some pretty amazing lines of poetry that have deeper and, ahem, shall we say, errrrrr..."saucier" meanings. It's one of the trademark U2 traits, especially on the love songs we find in Achtung Baby.

On a side note, I noticed the other day that I have three highly rated songs on my itunes playlist that all have the wild horse imagery. Alicia Keys and Adam Levine did a Wild Horses duet that they covered from the Rolling Stones, and Natasha Bedingfield gave us Wild Horses as well. I absolutely love both songs.

I wonder what it is about that wild horse imagery that is so powerful to us. Must be our cowboy roots. That, and the fact that horses are powerful and magnificent. But for me, it's mostly the cowboy thing.

Fair Dinkum

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