Video Game Reflection: Mario Kart Wii

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Mario Kart Wii is the super bomb dizzle. I love it. I take my Wiimote, plug it into my steering wheel and rock and roll. I've gotten a little bit obsessed however, as I am striving to achieve a star rating on every single race in the game. That way, when I get online to race people from all over the world my name will have a little gold star next to it. Street cred.

The only problem is that I think my ability to drive well in real life has decreased since I started playing MKW. That might explain why Stacy thinks I've become a more aggressive driver lately. All I know is that the Sunday drivers on the road are lucky my '99 Taurus isn't packing any red shells. Suckers.

My obsession prompted me to pick up a strategy guide for the first time in 15 years. Back in the day I had a number of video game code magazines and strategy books laying around. Mostly for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Contra? Up, up, down, down, b, a, b, a, select start. Don't forget the warp cheat codes for Mario 1 and Mario 3. Get off me, son.

You can typically get any video game info you need on the internets these days. But for some reason I began to crave the feeling of the strategy guide in my hands. The full color track maps. The checklist of unlockable characters and vehicles.

All of this is slightly concerning to Stacy. She walked into the bathroom one day and saw me reading my strategy guide. Her response was less than endearing.

"I don't know what's more concerning to me. That a grown man is reading a video game magazine, or that a grown man wrote a video game magazine."

Hey, at least I'm not as OCD as those cats in King of Kong. It is the story of grown men who get all jealous of this one dude who is trying to set a new world record score for Donkey Kong. Seriously. Those dudes are straight crazy. My main man Adam Paul recommended the film to me a couple of months back, and was so kind as to bring it over to mi casa for a screening last week. You can read his review over on his blog. I agree with everything he says, though in my book Hoop Dreams earns the distinction of best documentary ever. There is also a good review over at Burnside Writer's Collective. Pretty much covers all the bases.

The bad news is I am currently without my MKW disk. It seems as though my good friend Coleman accidentally took it with him to Rhode Island. That's pretty far away. Gonna have to work something out to get that back. Perhaps a teleporter.

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  1. adam paul 4:31 PM
    teenage mutant ninja turtles
    9 lives and level select:

    b a b a up down b a left right b a start.

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