The Slush Experience

By Christian
Last week I busted out my favorite slushes. That very week I had an interesting experience as I was picking up the Strawberry variety at the Blue Valley Market.

Now understand that the BVM is smack dab in the middle of the 'hood. Common misconception, I understand. There are many schools in the KC Suburbs with the "Blue Valley" moniker, and this store shares nothing with them.

So I'm grabbing my slush and the two guys behind the counter are going to town. The discourse was reminiscent to Barbershop banter as the men fed off of each other and lamented the plight of the neighborhood.

(The following conversation has been edited for content)

"Man. [Brothas] out here ain't doin' a [gosh dang] ting! Yeah! These [brothas] just sit out on the corner drinkin' their [freaking] beer and smokin'. [Gosh dang brothas] Triflin' [brothas]. Lazy [butt brothas]."

I oftentimes lament the state of urban America. My arguments tend to be a little better thought out and less colorful than the ones these gentlemen were espousing, but we sometimes have similar feelings.

But here's the difference.

I'm not running a convenience store where the ENTIRE BACK WALL is filled with alcohol and tobacco products. Seriously, fellas. How are you going to throw everyone under the bus for there actions when you are an enabler and accomplice to their dysfunctions.

Fair Dinkum

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