Slush Rundown

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I really enjoyed that week of spring that the Midwest graced us with. It was wonderful, and now it is hot. H-O-T, hot.

My favorite part of summer is thus the Slush. Over the years, the Slush has evolved into various incarnations existing at once. I sample a variety in the summer time, and have four distinct favorites. They are fantastic in their sweetness, but also in their ability to cool the hot individual from the inside out. Mmmmmmmm. Slush.

My 4 favorites are as follows

4. The 7-11 Slurpee - Pretty inferior to the others, in all honesty. I'll probably grab it just once this summer. However, it deserves respect as the classic, and will get some love seeing as though there is a 7-11 near work.

3. Quick Trip White Cherry - Very good. The flavor is unique, and a little on the strong side. But the QTWC slush is great with a hot dog or taquito. There is nothing quite like getting your entire lunch from a gas station.

2. Blue Valley Market Strawberry - Probably the best texture of any selection on the list. It's essentially a half melted snow cone. The syrup is thick and sweet and delicious. I absolutely love it. But not as much as...

1. Sonic's Strawberry Limeade Slush - My wife turned me onto these. The plus side? Fresh strawberries in the bottom of the cup. Not only are they super good, but it's a fun challenge to try to suck them through the straw when you are finished with the actual slush. The only problem is that they are not uniform. Depending on your slush chief, they can have different ratios of Strawberry to Lime to Slush. You never know exactly what you are going to get. Though it can be a little bit of an adventure, I must say that for the most part they are excellent. Just be careful. I'm pretty sure they put freon in those things. They are so addictive and cold that they regularly cause ridiculously painful brain freezes. Zoinks.

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