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Let's stop kidding ourselves and just make this blog hiatus official, shall we?

Clearly I do not have the time nor energy to blog on a regular basis. Totally a me problem. Actually, make that a me and my terribly unhealthy schedule problem.

So we're putting this bad boy on ice until April 28. By then I will have finished all of my school work, we will be done with our ministry program year, and I will begin the process of spiritual/mental/emotional/physical healing that the grind of this semester will necessitate.

So instead of weak once-weekly posts, we'll have no posts for four weeks. And then we'll get at it just like we used to back in the glory days.

I'll still be updating my shared reads and interesting links, so if you start to get nostalgic you can check back in and peep the sidebars.

Catch ya on the flip.

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  1. adam paul 11:22 PM
    counter = genius.
  2. Molly 8:35 PM
    ditto adam paul

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