So Mad (Perhaps TMI)

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I love March Madness. When I was in college I would skip class the first two days of the Tournament and just camp out in front of the tele. It was a grand time.

Now that I am working in youth ministry, things are different. The first weekend of the tournament is always during Spring Break, so I do not have the flexibility to take time off from work in order to fulfill my basketball watching jonez. Too bad.

But I have now been presented with the perfect opportunity to change all of that.

A vasectomy.

The Associated Press is reporting that the Oregon Eurology Institute is running an ad campaign where they are encouraging guys to get the Big V right before the tourney so that they can get the time off. Perfect. They are even sweetening the deal by throwing in sports mags, pizza and a bag of frozen peas. My understanding is that the peas are not for eating.

There seems to be only one problem to this plan. It is only good for a single year of basketball consumption. I'm pretty sure your job wouldn't be sympathetic if you tried to make the surgery a yearly event. What are you going to tell them? That you forgot you had it done last year? That you have miraculously regenerative tubes? If you think of a plausible excuse, let me know.

On a more serious note, I don't know why more men don't get vasectomies. Ok. I KNOW why. I just don't get it. Whenever it comes up in casual conversation (this has got to be sooooo enlightening to my female readership), guys start wigging out and talking about how there is no way they would ever get it done.

Call me crazy, but if you really loved your wife wouldn't you at least offer to get the procedure when you felt your family was big enough? The Big V seems a lot less invasive than the options for women. Plus, if your wife is willing to carry around a kid (or multiple kids) for nine months at a whack and then push them out of her uterus, the least we can do is undergo a nice little outpatient procedure.

Good for the OUI for bringing the issue to light. I propose they take other measures to make vasectomies more popular. Perhaps a line of apparel. Shirts that say "i loVe my wife", "real men get snipped", or "V Club". If I ever undergo the procedure, I'll totally rock one of those.

Now what have we learned today kids? That's right. When Christian doesn't have time to blog as much as he would like, we are all either blessed or cursed in the end. I guess it just depends on your perspective.

Fair Dinkum

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  1. adam paul 5:57 PM
    i vote blessed. big time blessed.
  2. Anonymous 1:20 AM
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  3. bad diary days 6:44 PM
    oh the big V... so worth it.

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