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The NCAA Tournament, that is. No in-depth breakdown for you on this blog, however. Not because I don't have deep basketball insights. Just because nobody would really care. What I do have however, are other insights.

The most unique March Madness related webpage of the day can be found over at Bills Sports Maps. I got turned onto the site through some soccer related blogs, because this guy puts up tons of maps that detail where different clubs play and he also gives in-depth histories of some of the lesser-known clubs. But as a red-blooded American, he also hooks us up with a college basketball map every now and again. Essentially, it's a dream website for guys like myself. All it needs is some barbeque sauce.

A couple of things I found interesting about his map today...

*The state of Florida only has one team in the tourney. Oregon has 2. Oklahoma has 2. Shoot. Kansas has two. Really, the South East corner of the country didn't represent at all.

*Only one team made it from Iowa, and they don't even have the word "Iowa" in their name.

*I think it's fitting that both teams from Oregon have green as their dominant color. It makes for an aptly colored region.

*That Indiana-Kentucky-Tennessee corridor is no joke. Seriously good ball is played in that area.

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