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I watched the Grammy's for about 5 minutes. Long enough to see Alicia Keys perform, and mention to my wife that I really want to attend a show should she swing through KC. When tour dates were finally released, there was the coveted KC date staring me in the face.

I just so happens that the show is on the same night as our huge awards ceremony at The Hope Center. No Alicia in KC for me. Onto plan B.

Checking out other dates, I scoped to see what would be within a manageable 4 hour drive. And there it was. St. Louis. But what is this? Another day I can't attend due to a work commitment. Well, freak my leg.

So no Ms. Keys for me. I'm bummed. I guess this Thursday's Aaron Mitchum Band concert will have to do as a replacement. It should be an adequate replacement, I imagine.

Also on the musical horizon, a new Gnarls Barkley album. CeeLo Green and Danger Mouse up to their musical shenanigans again. I was watching the new video on Youtube and peed my pants. "Run away. Run away. White children. Run for your life." All of this with a Justin Timberlake cameo. I'd post the video here, but apparently it can cause Epileptic seizures. Who knew?

On a completely non-musical note: Is it possible to get the smell of baby spit up off of your pants without taking them off and washing them? I don't think so. This morning as we were walking out of the house, Elli spit up her string cheese onto my pants. I didn't have time to change my outfit, so I wiped them off, hit them with Lysol and then spritzed with some cologne. Unfortunately, I can still smell residual spit up. I probably should have "accidentally" spilled some bbq sauce on my pants at lunch, but I wasn't thinking clearly.

Fair Dinkum.

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