No V For Me (This Year)

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I didn't have "the procedure", thus I am not going to be able to hang out at home all day to watch basketball. But you know what? I don't deserve it. My head isn't in the game. It's on work, and that's my bad.

Every morning this week I woke up, and the first thought in my head was that this is tournament week. But somehow when I was getting dressed this morning, I totally let that fact of life slip my mind. As I was shopping this morning for the big pancake breakfast we are having tomorrow morning for our kids (it's all-day fun day...holla), I noticed that everyone was dressed in their blue and red. Proudly repping the University of Kansas colors.

I looked down at my own outfit and quickly felt shame and dread. What am I sporting today? Purple pique polo with the popped color. Most other days I have no problem with light pastels that society tells us should be only worn by women. I look really good in pinks and purples. Especially when it's argyle. Oh yeah. Work it, boy.

But today is different. I should have worn purple. Why? Kansas State colors.

What a tool.

It's not as though I hate KState. I just didn't pick them to win on my bracket. Since I picked USC to get to the Sweet 16, I really need KState to loose. They don't even need to get blown out. Even a close loss would do. And what am I doing? Sending them out positive vibes. Until I get home and change into red, that is.

You can see my bracket here. This is the document by which you must either worship or mock my basketball acumen for the next 364 days. Of interesting note...

**I'm a total traitor. I picked Portland State and Oregon to bow out in the first round. I picked Kansas to fall in the Final Four to North Carolina. And I picked a California team to win the whole thing. Thus, I will be actively rooting against my own good judgment this year.

**I didn't go very risky this year. Hmmmmm. We'll see how that works out for me.

**I'll probably regret having no faith in Wisconsin.

**The one pick I made that was purely out of spite was West Virginia loosing in the first round. Bob Huggins is schmucky. That must be my purple shirt taking over.

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