End of an Era

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One of my first television loves as an adult was CSI. I started watching it during the maiden season, and was immediately hooked. So much so that in college I would tape it every week on my VCR and watch the episodes with my man Coleman. Before this season I had seen over 95% of the episodes that had been aired since the inception of the show.

As with any good show, I loved the characters. They were all different. They all had quirks. I coveted Warrick's hair. And I felt like the show was generally smarter than I was.

But this season, something changed. Don't worry CSI. It's not you. It's me.

I think.

For whatever reason, I've lost interest in CSI. My best guess is that since it packs neither the edge-of-your-seat-pee-your-pants excitement of 24, nor the serial suspense of Heroes and Lost, it has fallen prey to the forces of my increasing need for an adrenaline rush.

So a few weeks ago as I struggled to make it through an episode, I stopped 40 minutes in. I deleted the episode. I reprogrammed the Tivo to not record the proceedings on CBS each Thursday night at 8pm Central Time. And with those few strokes, a period of my personal TV history came to a crashing end.

It was a good run CSI. Thanks for the memories.

Fair Dinkum

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