Vigilante Socialism

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You've heard me lament the fact that our country does not have a socialized health care system. If you are willing to risk tricking the federal government, it is apparently possible to provide socialized health care like this doctor did, however. I found the story interesting, because of how the doctor was viewed by his patients and by the prosecutors.

Because he cooperated with the authorities (and apparently because he was seen as helping people who had no other recourse for treatment) Dr. Ahmed will not face jail time and will have his most serious charges dropped. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

However, Dr. Ahmed isn't the purest Robin Hood figure by any means. The fact that he has to give up nearly $3 million leads me to believe he was living quite the posh life. Which is a great demonstration of one of socialism's chief breakdowns...somebody always has to be a jerk and ruin it for everyone else by trying to work the system for personal gain.

If only we could get around that whole greed issue.

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