The Day The TV Died

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The TV writers are officially on strike. I can't say that I blame them, really. Their last contract wasn't very good, and failed to account for the growing digital markets. They need to get paid when their work gets sold on DVD or iTunes or whatever. Reports from Hollywood have this thing lasting a while.

The whole circus doesn't effect me all that much. There are shows that I enjoy watching, but I don't plan life around them. There's always Sportscenter and futbol to watch, as well as that newfangled Redbox contraption I've been using to rent movies for $1 at McDonald's. Shoot, I can even check out the entire series of Sopranos on DVD from my local library. Or there are those books and magazines I so love to read. And let us not forget how many people we can all watch get hit in the junk on YouTube.

The studios really need to figure this whole thing out for their own sake. Nobody wants even more reality tv coming down the pipeline. The only two good things that can come from a long strike would be

1) Americans get smarter because they aren't watching as much TV, and

2) The rumors of NBC showing episodes of the British version of The Office actually come to fruition

So until April, I give this story a big "yawn". Wake me up when the Final Four is over.

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