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I had some studying to do yesterday, so I holed up in a local coffee shop to get some work done. It is a quaint little place called The Filling Station, which used to be a car repair shop. It has the huge glass garage doors that they open up on nice days, and they have splendid fresh juices and wraps. Granted, I have to get the hot chocolate there since they don't ride the Fair Trade bus, but that's ok. (mom, please don't read the next two sentences) The whole experience is pretty nostalgic for me, because it reminds me of a place that my friends and I used to go to in high school when we didn't feel like going to study hall my senior year. I'm pretty sure they have since knocked down that wonderful place and replaced it with a Starbucks. It adds good balance to the road, since there is another Starbucks right across the street.

Anyway, so the fun begins in earnest when my computer finally boots up and asks me which wireless network I would prefer to connect to. While I am certainly going to connect to The Filling Station's network, I take a moment to peruse all of the available networks. As I'm checking these options out, I realize that the name of your network can say a lot about who you are (or in the least, who you want to be). So, if you could be friends with just one of the owners of the available networks, which one would you pick?

"Apple Network" - This person is obviously cool. They are living in one of the nearby trendy lofts which is decked out with swanky postmodern minimist decor. They have fashionable glasses and an iPhone.

"Crowley" - This person is very outgoing, and wants everyone to know who they are. Sounds kinda like a glory hog, to me.

"Mine" - Well, well, well. Aren't we selfish?

"MLK Net" - Socially conscious, justice oriented. Good grasp of history.

"Urban Linksys" - Enjoys living in the city, but not for the same reasons or toward the same ends as MLK Net.

"Two Naked Chicks" - I'm not joking about this one. Other than that, I have no comment.

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  1. Sara 5:44 PM
    some of the wireless networks in my neighborhood could rival that. sooo inappropriate...

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