This is What Saturdays Are Made For

By Christian
It's Man Day at the Dashiell house, though Elli will be helping out with the festivities today. Hour upon glorious hour of sport and meat. The rundown:

**Right Now!!! - Blogging, getting ready to read the paper, sipping coffee. I have a pork shoulder out on the smoker already (it was on by 7am), and have even rigged up a little insulation system to keep my cooking time on pace. Such things are necessary when it is 29 degrees outside and snow is lightly fluttering from the sky. The early futbol match from England (Liverpool v. Newcastle) is on the tele.

**11am - One of the kids I work with LOVES soccer. Since the sport is not always supported in the inner city, he's coming over with one of the adult leaders from the class to catch the ManU match from England later today.

**2:30pm - both Oregon/UCLA and UConn/WVirginia kickoff. I'd much rather get the Oregon game out here as they still have a legit shot at the Rose Bowl, but we're getting the Big East matchup instead. Truth be told, it's the more marquee game with two ranked teams. Plus, it has huge implications, because a WV win should put them at number two in the BCS and have them on a collision course to play in the National Championship Game against the winner of...

**7pm - Kansas/Missouri. The fellas are going to be in the house for what is probably the biggest football game ever in this city. Bitter rivals. Everything on the line for both teams. It'll be sick. Stacy is rocking her KU scrubs today, Elli will be decked out in her Jayhawk onesie, and I'll be sporting the throwback KU jersey. We'll have the ribs and pulled pork done by then, and a game of Risk will be waiting in the wings just in case the game turns into a blowout.

Have a great Saturday. I hope it is as great as mine. Go Kansas.

Fair Dinkum

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