Troubling Developments

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I have perused multiple toy catalogs over the past couple of weeks. With Christmas fast approaching, every store in America is trying to get you to enter their doors and leave with a sack full of high-priced goodies. An interesting development, many toys I played with as a young child are now becoming popular once again. Cabbage Patch Kids. My Little Pony. Care Bears. As I am now a father, I have the opportunity to nostalgically relive my childhood through my own daughter. What a gift.

But then my eyes gazed upon a product that was very disturbing to me. It fell under the category I will call "Mythic Synchretism". This category includes toys that are mash-ups of two toy franchises into one, easy to play with toy. But this time they've gone to far.

I present to you...(stop reading if you have a weak stomach)...Star Wars Transformers
I know. I know. I too am totally appalled. Not only that, but I now have the daunting task ahead of me of preserving true Star Wars Mythology. I dread the day when I will have to explain to my kids, "No, no, no honey. Han and Chewbacca DRIVE the Millennium Falcon. They don't turn INTO the Falcon." Talk about an awkward conversation no father looks forward to having with his kids. It's probably time for us to start showing the Classic Trilogy on a weekly basis to make sure Elli knows her orthodox Star Wars history.

Talk about a disservice to society. Where will it end, I ask. Where will the insanity end?

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