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If I would have known, you would have received a card in the mail this week. But nobody told me until I saw it in the paper this morning, so you will have to settle for a public proclamation of my undying affection on my blog.

Happy 20th Anniversary Princes Bride!!!

All of humanity is indebted to Rob Reiner for his direction in this film. It is certainly a classic for people my age, and I hope that the generations to come get to enjoy it as much as I did. And believe me, I enjoyed it a lot.

There came a time in the mid-1990's when viewing of Princess was almost banned in our home. During those years there was a cable TV station that owned the rights to the film (I can't remember if it was TNT, TBS, or USA...they're all the same), and they showed it all of the time. So whenever my sister and I were looking for something to do and nothing else was on the old boob tube, we could always find Princess. The only way that movie could have gotten more run is if it had its own channel, which some might argue it did.

We watched Princess so much that the image of Fred Savage was permanently burned into our tv. Just kidding. But the viewings did give us occasion to frequently hone our acting talents after the comedic genius that is Andre the Giant. I'm not exactly sure how many times, "Anybody want a peanut?" was uttered in our home, but it was certainly in the quadruple digits.

All of this led to my father very nearly having a nervous breakdown due to an inability to escape Rodents of Unusual Size and bad British accents. But then his kids got lives and started having more diverse interests, so we only watched Princess once each month. Nothing like cutting back. Breakdown averted.

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