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Forbes just released their list of America's Greenest States. It is with mixed emotions that I weigh the results of their research.

On a positive note, Oregon got second place. While you always shoot for first, there is no shame in meddling. Technically, Oregon tied for first with Vermont. Nice. And while I might not physically reside in Oregon, I will always retain my dual citizenship. You can't pull the west coast vibe from someones blood or get it out of their swagger. So I'll glory in the high finish.

It takes me back to 7th grade, when I was a pioneer on the green frontier. For one of my science projects I took on the moniker of "Mr. Recycle" and wrote/starred in/produced a film about recycling. This was before the curbside variety, though when PDX adopted that a couple of years later I took on the duties for my family. Though Mr. Recycle's efforts weren't mentioned in the Forbes article, I'm happy to take some of the credit.

As for my current state of residence, we have a little work to do. 31st place just isn't going to cut it, man. I need to see a top 1/3 finish, and I think we have it in us. Just this week our environmental department gave a proposed coal plant the bureaucratic finger. Granted, the Western Kansas congress persons are trying to get the decision overturned, but we'll just have to pray that they find Jesus and recognize how messy coal power is.

On one level I feel for the people of Western Kansas. They need the money that the power plant would provide. However, I contend they need to suck it up and throw some wind turbines in the ground. All of this crying about killing the aesthetic beauty of Central and Western Kansas? Please. I've lived there and I can promise that your tourist traffic isn't going to crash. People will still cruise up and down 1-70 on their way from Denver to KC.

The one bright spot in the rankings for Kansas? At least we ranked above Nebraska and Missouri. If those cats beat us, I'd be really depressed.

Renew. Reuse. Recycle.

Fair Dinkum

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