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Last night I had the delight of experiencing a new culinary creation. Not a creation I invented. Shoot. I didn't even cook it. But I did eat it. That is quite an accomplishment.

The delight du jour just so happened to be the epic fried green tomatoes. To be perfectly honest, Stacy and I had our sights set pretty low. But as circumstances would dictate, we had an abundance of green tomatoes that have no chance of turning red now that summer is officially over, so we had to do something. I even went out and hurled insults at them for 30 minutes the other day in hope that they would get embarrassed and take on some color, but to no avail. So the choices were unceremoniously throwing them in the composter, or cooking up the fried greenies.

Stacy ended up researching a slew of recipes on the google, and finally landed in the camp of simplicity. We beat a couple of eggs, added salt and pepper, and then rolled the dipped tomatoes in a jiffy corn bread mix. Did somebody say easy button? Well the should have. Then they should have said "delicious button". Those suckers were yummy.

The dish shattered paradigms on two levels for me. First, they tasted remarkably like red tomatoes. Interesting. Secondly, they lacked a tartness that I was preparing for all evening. Experience tells me that unripened fruit lacks a certain sweetness that makes it go down nice and smooth. But the fried green tomato elicited nary a pucker or wince. Subtly sour? Perhaps. But very good. So good that Stacy is going to experiment with a little fried green tomato parmigiana concoction here in the next few days.

So if you find yourself with too many green tomatoes about this time of year, you know know what to do. Have fun.

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