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A lot of people assume that life as a doctor's spouse is obscenely luxurious. Sipping mojitos. Popping bonbon's. Jet setting around the world to exotic locations. Nothing like having a phatty sugar momma. Holla at ya boy.

Well, I'm here today to demystify the current state of life in the Dashiell house. I'm terribly proud of my wife. I love talking with her about all types of doctor stuff, and dreaming about how we can reform our health care system in a way that doesn't leave the poor (and soon to be the middle class) in the dust. I think it is amazing to watch how God uses Stacy to minister to women in an underserved area of town. And while our experiences are unique and intriguing, they are probably not so in the way most might expect.

Take a recent Friday night, for instance. Stacy was working a 24-hour call shift at the hospital, so Elli and I went up there to join her for dinner. It's a nice way to break up the long shift for Stacy, and both Elli and I enjoy visiting her. We typically hang out in the call room if Stacy can't break away long enough to spend a few moments in the cafeteria, which is nice in its own way because the call room tends to be a little more private.

Elli is very inquisitive, and as we were hanging out in one of the OB offices, she was bumming around for something new to play with. When she got bored with the broken phone that was on the floor, she moved over to a shelf of OB teaching supplies. Books, props, you know. The usual.

Well, I stopped paying close attention to everything for a while, and when I looked up I saw Elli playing with some type of soft-ended cone. I assumed they were fake breasts, but boy was I wrong. Stacy kindly informed me that our daughter was gleefully chucking numerous synthetic cervix around the room. That's right. Cervix.

If you are at all like me, you might wonder why doctors need numerous synthetic cervix in their office. In an obvious show that I didn't pay all that much attention in anatomy class, the cervix is an indicator of how close a woman is to giving birth. Doctors manually and blindly use their fingers to measure how dilated the cervix is, which is a tricky skill to master. Thus, they practice with the synthetic variety so that they aren't bumbling around like idiots during labor.

Silly me. I thought that you measured how dilated a woman was with a tape measure or something. Who knew?

Since training devices cannot be used at every point in time during the day, you should know that these particular implements bring toddlers great joy. Now you know, in case you are every in the doctor's office with a fussy child. You now know what to ask for. Just something I learned hanging out in the hospital while living a life that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world.

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