By Christian
There are a couple of things going on in the world right now that are really bumming me out. The first is the economic crisis in Zimbabwe, which is looking more and more desperate every day. The other is the increasingly violent drug war that is being waged in Monterrey, Mexico. Mexico is a place that is very close to my heart as both my wife and I have had opportunity to serve with Christians there on a couple of occasions. One of my trips was indeed to Monterrey, and it saddens me that those brothers and sisters are having their work frustrated by the fear that violence causes.

The other aspect of the situation that I find disturbing is how big of an enabler the US is to this violence. Most of it revolves around the "$25 billion- a-year drug-trafficking industry moves at least 75% of the Colombian cocaine that enters the U.S." That's a lot of coke. And while it's easy to get ticked at the Mexican government for not doing enough to stop this trafficking, it isn't that simple. As long as there is a demand for that much cocaine in this country, the supply will find its way up here. That's too big a chunk of change for drug lords to be scared off by punishments and litigation.

Fair Dinkum

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