Napoleon Mash Up

By Christian
The other day I had a brilliant thought. I should probably invest some time in to learning the dance at the end of Napoleon Dynamite. We bear a striking resemlance to each other in all of our gangly and sinuey glory, and let's face it...I have some seriously shifty hips. All the better to tear up the dance floor with. I need some new moves for the grooves, ya heard?

So I did what any person would do in this situation. I hit up YouTube. While I managed to come across the scene I was searching for, I also found out that there is an entire collection of Napoleon Dynamite fan videos out there. Some of them are not very good. There are some that I found quite amusing, however.

At this point I now have two tasks. First, I must figure out how to make my own collection of Napoleon Fan vids for publication on the world wide internets. Then I have to get crackalackin' on my dance moves. But until I get my own video published, here is one of my favorites.


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