Foregone Conclusion

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The news officially hit last night that Matt Murphy is going to sell Barry Bonds record breaking home run ball. I always figured that was going to happen. The only reason to keep the ball or donate it to the Hall of Fame is if you are a huge Giants fan. And although the game took place in San Francisco, there was no chance that a Giants fan was catching that ball.

The smart money was on an A's fan getting his mitts on the white gold. Oakland is just across the bay from San Fran. Everyone knows that Oakland is way more hard core than Frisco. As much as I loved my visit to SF, I loved it because it was so laid back. Nothing like a population of hippies and west coast softies to provide the perfect vacation. But the hippies can't roll with the street hardened citizens of Oak Town. No how, no way. A single A's fan could take on 70-80 Giant's fans single handed in my estimation.

But then fate threw us all a curve ball. Matt Murphy was on vacation from Queens, NY was in town and decided to go to the game. As tough as A's fans are, they've go nothing an a cat from Queens. When it comes to elbow throwing and taking punches, the dude from Queens would have a distinct advantage over anybody from NoCal. And sure enough, just as Murphy's law dictates, the NY resident came out of the scrum victorious.

My favorite part of the whole circus is that after Matt emerged from the bottom of the pile battered and bruised, he issued this simple statement over and over as the police escorted him from the outfield bleachers...

"I'm Matt Murphy, from Queens, NY. I'm Matt Murphy, from Queens, NY!!!!"

Over and over again. Yelling at the top of his lungs. It's just one of those things that is a well-conditioned survival behavior if you are from Queens. When the police get your hands on you, you let the whole world know so that if you aren't seen for a couple of days people know where to start sniffing around to find you. It's like a trail of breadcrumbs, so to speak.

So congrats to Matt Murphy and his new retirement plan. Well done.

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