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I love Sunday mornings. Get up. Put the coffee on. Get Elli up. Grab the paper. Turn on the early soccer game from England. Enjoy all of those things for the next two hours before going to church. It's the bomb dizzle. There will probably be a day when I'm working at a church again and thus won't have the luxury of relaxing Sunday mornings, so I'm going to enjoy it while I can.

My favorite story in the paper this week was one about a dude in Florida who participated in a local Guns-For-Sneakers exchange. In an effort to get weapons off the street, the police were engaging in this no-questions-asked event. It was all to the good. People bringing in their pieces and getting a little something in return. And then this dude rolls up. With a freaking surface to air missile launcher. He claimed he had found it in a shed and didn't know what to do with it. He tried to take it to the dump but they wouldn't take it. So he turned it in for some shoes.

Now, at first I was calling his bluff. The whole situation seemed contrived, at best. Who just "finds" a missile launcher laying around? Honestly. But as Stacy and I talked about it we came to the conclusion that he had to be telling the truth. Because really, any other explanation would be even more contrived.

Say you were the type of person who purposefully wanted to obtain a missile launcher. Then you had a dramatic conversion experience and decided you weren't going to blow people up anymore. What would you do with your weapon? You would probably throw it into a river or bury it so that you didn't bring attention to yourself. Or, you might hide it in a shed.

Then, when some dude finds it what's he supposed to do with it? You certainly can't list it on craigslist or ebay, which is a bummer. When you find something of value in a junk pile, it's always a nice little bonus if you can to turn it into a profit. That's probably a felony when your junk can blow up airplanes though. Plus, I've watched enough 24 to know that you just can't trust people who are interested in black market military grade weaponry. They aren't very honest. Just my perception. There is just no good way to sell your missile launcher. Drat.

So the only logical thing to do is flip the launcher to the police in return for kids shoes. Duh.

I'm just glad there are missile launchers floating around the country unaccounted for. I'd expect stuff like that to happen in countries where our government arms mercenaries to do our dirty work for us under the table, but in America? C'mon guys. Let's try to tighten things up a little.

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