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This morning I came across this post from Marko. It's funny. And, it reminded me of the time I went to a Nickel Creek concert, and they did a cover of Toxic by Britney Spears. I'm glad I could plug her on the blog today. What with Paris getting out of jail today and Kelly Clarkson dropping an album as well she probably needed a little shout out. That's me. Mr. do-nice-things-for-pop-stars. And now I do a nice thing for the readers by embedding a Nickel Creek clip. You will not be disappointed.

"Music" is certainly the word for the day. Can you say "music"? I knew you could.

By far the funniest "news" story of the past week had to do with music. Our good friend Hillary Clinton made a big to-do about what her official campaign song was going to be. She had a very witty and hip Sopranos parody to announce the song, which was actually very good. The anticipation mounted. People gathered around their computers. They followed the link at the end of the clip.

And the winner is?

You and I by Celine Dion. Whaaaaaa?!?!?!?!? But wait. There's more? Did you know that You and I was actually written by Celine as part of an ad campaign for Air Canada?

Air CANADA! Hilarious. I can handle picking a song written by someone from antother country. There are tons of talented musicians from outside fo the US. But picking a song that was written for use by Air Canada? That is classic.

Here's what I don't get: Clinton has to have tons of interns. TONS! So how is it that you don't pick your song, and then have your interns Google it to find everything possible on the song. Apparently, that didn't happen here.

To be fair, picking a campaign song is tough. You have to pick an artist you like. You have to pick a song with a good message. You should try to pick songs that aren't propoganda for foreign companies. That's a lot to keep in mind. Believe me. I tried.

Say I was running for President. What would my song be? Well, the Dixie Chicks, The Roots and Linkin Park/Jay Z mashups are probably out of the question. Too many stereotypes with those groups, ya know? That leaves Nickel Creek or U2. Ok. We'll throw Crowder in the mix as well. For some that might be a tough choice, but not for me. U2 all the way.

MLK would be a solid choice, but it seems a bit presumptuous. Plus, you probably want something more upbeat to really get the people hyped at the various election type parties. That rules out 40.

It's at this point that most of you anticipate me dropping Beautiful Day. And yet, in a surprise move, I go with Love and Peace Or Else. Darn straight. Now that's a campaign song.

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