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My oh my, what a big 5 days in my sports life. Sometimes things just click and you have a very enjoyable run. Oh, the Kansas City Royals are still the proud owners of one of baseball's worst records, but there are some other sweet developments...

**NBA Draft this week. My Beloved Blazers have the first pick in one of the best drafts in recent memory. I am hopeful that this starts another run of success that is reminiscent of the one I grew up enjoying. Oh, how beautiful it would be. Rip City roarin' again and taking on all haters.

**Thierry Henry just signed with Barcelona. This is huge. My favorite player from all of England just signed with my favorite club. Admitting the fact that my readership probably isn't soccer literate, just think if Kobe signed for your favorite basketball team. Kobe might be a bad example seeing as though he is an immature jerk, but skill-wise it's a good parallel. I might just have to get me one of those sweet blue away kits here pretty soon.

**The Oregon State Beavers have just won their second straight College World Series title. For real, this was one of the Biblical signs of the apocalypse. Run for cover. Have you ever been to Oregon? Not the best baseball state in the Union. It's impossible to practice year-round, and even during the spring you are at a high risk for rainouts. And yet, they put together the nation's finest collegiate baseball team in all the land, thus eschewing common paradigms about which schools can and cannot achieve juggernaut status in the baseball stadium. Amazing.

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