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The Dashiell Adoption Awareness Media Tour is now over. For now, at least. Last night Elli's story ran on a local news station, and we couldn't have been more pleased. It was so cool to see them edit it in a way that helped us express how much of a hand God had in bringing our family together. You can see it if you follow this link, but I'm not sure how long it will stay up. Perhaps only a day or so. Oh, and you will have to view a short ad. Sorry.

This morning we got to do a local morning show. Live tv with an 18 month old is pretty fun. Elli did swell, especially when you consider she was 90 minutes late for her morning nap. The crew loved her, and it was fun to be behind the scenes of a television show. It's actually pretty chill. Without a big studio audience, there's just a nice cool vibe going on. It helps that the producer was laid back. I'm sure if she had been running around like crazy it would have been a little more stressful.

Now, it's onto Meat Day. Sweet, sweet Meat Day. I think I'm doing turkey and pulled pork. This is quite possible the best possible precursor to my First Father's Day.

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  1. The Mollinator 10:36 PM
    That story rocks. There is nothing like adopting special needs kids! It does sumptin to ya!
  2. Anonymous 3:33 PM
    Hi, I stumbled on your blog from Marko's.

    Wow! Awesome story. What a faithful way to use your winnings and bless a life. Elli is adorable!

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