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I woke up Thursday morning fraught with excitement over the release of a schedule. It was the blessed day when the English Premier League would be releasing their fixtures for the coming season. If you have no idea what I just wrote, the translation is: "the biggest soccer league in the world released their schedule for next year". It was exciting. Elli and I tend to spend our Saturday mornings checking out the matches, and if there is a strong Sunday match then it provides for compelling after-church Tivo fare should the NFL not provide good afternoon entertainment. Arsenal v. Fulham on August 11 is my week 1 appointment viewing.

Little did I know that the EPL schedule would not be the most intense schedule release of the day. In a surprise development, Stacy received an email containing her rotation schedule for her entire resident year. She now knows which rotations she will be doing each month, and has some idea about what holiday she will get off. The scrutiny of that schedule was similar to that of the release of the NCAA bracket. We looked at where she was slotted, who she was paired with, how it compared to her friend's schedules, who had easy first months, who had horrible Decembers. I think we looked at the multi colored spread sheet for at least 45 minutes.

In the end, she felt good about it. As good as you can feel under the circumstances, I guess. She has 4 days off for the entire month of July on a very intense rotation outside of her home hospital. That's the bad part. The good part is that she has a very soft December and should get either Christmas or Christmas Eve off. She might be the one lucky intern to score both. She almost assuredly works Thanksgiving and New Years. Which means Elli and I will probably deliver Thanksgiving cards to people in the hospital that day. A new perspective on an old holiday, but one that will hopefully encourage us to be more service oriented as our family celebrates from here on out.

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