Stepping Out

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Taquitos from Quick Trip are the B-O-M-B. The Bomb, baby. I love them. There aren't any QT's by my house, but I swing by on an occasional basis throughout the summer months to grab one for a snack or meal.

Today I did not find myself at a QT. I found myself at a 7-11, which is quite the rare occasion. Adding to the abnormality is the fact that I actually had to go inside the store, because the automated pump credit card reader thingy wasn't working up to standards. No biggie. I was a little annoyed that there was a long line inside, but I used it as an opportunity to practice patience. Circular breathing is really the key. In through the nose. Out through the mouth.

As I patiently waited for the people in front of me to conduct their business, I noticed that 7-11 carries their own line of taquitos. My first thought was that they were obviously inferior and there was no way I would ever let the heresy of a counterfeit taquito grace my sweet lips.

But then it happened. I glanced upon the full color sign that advertised the all new cream cheese and jalapeno taquito. Sweet mama. That's what I call a temptation. A temptation, I'm sad to admit, I fell to. As a man who enjoys a good jalapeno popper on occasion, it seemed like a good risk to take.

Hindsight is 20/20. It wasn't a bad taquito. It actually improved upon the most undesirable trait of the Quick Trip taquito, which happens to be saltiness. Those suckers have got to have your daily allowance of sodium three times over. However, there is no way the QT taquito is as fattening as the 7-11 variety. A deep fried tortilla stuffed with cream cheese and rotisserie at your favorite gas station is a heart attack waiting to happen. The reward certainly didn't doutweigh the risk.

So, I've learned my lesson. No more stepping out. Stay committed to your first love and don't pick up strange taquitos at random gas stations. I think I can do that.

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