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It's hard to predict how kids might act in a given situation. For instance, at The Hope Center we were having problems with some of our boys sagging. The pants were just far too low on too regular of a basis and eventually one of my leaders snapped. Too much booty viewing will do that to a person. Since one of the boys was having a tough time wearing his belt correctly, she showed up one day with a pair of suspenders for the lad. It was a somewhat of a low blow in that the gift was intended to innocently shame the lad into keeping his pants pulled up. Not the bad kind of shame that scars kids for life. The good kind that gently pushes them toward habits that are socially acceptable and help them land better jobs.

Great Idea. In theory.

In actuality, it was an exercise in the unpredictability of adolescents. Instead of the new found accessory inspiring the fellow to keep his britches up, it instead became a contagious fashion statement. All of the boys in my class were soooooooo jealous of Mr Suspenders that we ended up having to buy all of them their own pair.

If you were to walk into my inner-city classroom these days there is a good chance you would find a hand full of boys in suspenders. Sometimes the suspenders match their outfit, but since they each have just one pair there are days when they suffer from a horrible case of accessory clash.

I do believe we might be witnessing the resurgence of Stever Eurkel. Holla.

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