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I learned (or was reminded) of a few things this weekend...

**Hamburgers grilled over coals are fantastic. I usually grill over gas due to convenience, but we were out of propane this weekend so I busted out the coals. Magnificent product, those char-grilled burgers. I was very happy with the result, and it was a nice warm up for the ribs I plan on smoking this Friday for lunch. All are welcome.

**My bracket is officially busted. I only got two of four Final Four teams. Kansas and Memphis did me no favors, though I must admit that the Ohio State/Georgetown match up on Saturday is making my mouth water more that grilled burgers. Oden v. Hibbert. Old School big man battle not seen on the landscape of college basketball in many moons. I love Final Four day, even if I didn't guess the teams right.

**The new US National Soccer jersey's are not as ugly in action as I thought they'd be. They aren't beautiful, but I was forecasting a performance somewhere in the neighborhood of putrid. Something about a royal blue jersey with pinstripes that looks like a 90's Orlando Magic ripoff just doesn't sit right. I've asked it once, and I'll ask it again. Where in tarnation is a red jersey?

**I still have allergies. Somehow, I forgot this fact. I then spent a few hours in the yard, mowing and such, and came in with a nice case of the sneezes. I will be packing a nice supply of Claritin from here on out so that I can escape such episodes in the future.

**I might be developing a bit of a lusting complex over my grass. It looks good. Dang good. But I want it to look better. I want it to be a golf course lawn. I don't think that's healthy, and it probably violates some biblical mandate on either humility or jealousy. Pray for me.

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