Old Joy For a New Day

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As of yesterday, I am the official owner of a Kansas City, Kansas Public Library card. In retrospect, it is difficult to understand why it took me so stinkin' long to get one of these puppies. As I learned yesterday, there is a lot of free stuff in the Library. Not just books and mags, but a ton (and I do mean TON) of movies and cds. From my initial perusal, it would seem as though it has a great independent films section, as well as a wonderful kids section. Oh, and where else are you going to go to find the complete DVD anthology of ALF!!! I could hardly believe my eyes that (a) the library actually invested in the complete collection of ALF, and (b) that the whole collection wasn't checked out. Shoot. After college basketball and soccer aren't on TV every Saturday, I'm totally grabbing those disks and camping out on the couch.

By far the most outstanding part of my trip to the library yesterday was that Elli loved it. It took me back to the days when I used to frequent the Portland Public Library on a regular basis as a little rugrat. My sister and I had a babysitter who would take us there every single week. We would go during the time when one of the librarians would gather around all of the kids and do a little story time, and then we would be released into the massive collection of pages, ink, imagination and wonder to pick out our weekly selection of books. I probably owe a lot to that baby sitter, because I'm sure that those field trips have a lot to do with the love of reading that I still have today. Some might say that it went a bit to far and now I suffer from a sever case of book addiction, but I certainly choose to hold to a more positive paradigm.

A couple of things are clear to me as of this point. First, Elli, the Dashiell Child(ren) to be determined at a later date and myself are going to be taking a lot of trips to the library. The highlight of Elli's trip yesterday was the oscillating fan that blew on her face, but judging by how much she enjoys the books she has at our home we are about 18 months away from her truly enjoying the literary aspects of the library. Plus, we'll have to go to pick up some child-friendly films as well. Yesterday, there was this guy there with his 5 year-old son. The kid was begging to be allowed to check out Tron for what appeared to be the 50th time. Apparently, this father had done his duty in sharing with his children the joys of 80's sci-fi flicks. That's what I'm talking about. I was glad to see that there were at least 5 different kid appropriate Star Wars DVD's in the children's section, which means my children will be nursed on the joys that I experienced growing up. Which brings me to my second point. If I ever spend money at Blockbuster again you should pinch me. There are more than enough movies at the library.

Fair Dinkum.

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