Messy Ethics

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Man, I wish it was easier to do the right thing.

I often rail on the oil industry. It's a mafia. No joke. Not only that, but oil consumption is killing the US economy as well as the environment. Because of this, I've been a big proponent of alternate fuel sources. The most plausable has seemed to be ethanol because it would be good for farming communities and would also be something that we could deal with in-house.

However, I just read the other day that increased interest in ethanol has increased corn prices, and now poor families in Mexico are having a harder time affording one of their most depended upon food sources.

Now, one of two things is happening here. Either it was propaganda put out by the oil companies, or I have a new ethical quandry. Both of those are viable options in my mind.

And that is an example of why it is difficult to be the good guy. Because it turns into a contest to see who we can hurt the least, which still results in hurting people.

We just need to try harder and be more creative, I guess.

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