Canada Rules!!

By Christian

I'm usually pretty hard on Canada. I don't go out of my way to do so, but when the opportunity arises to take a cheap shot I usually indulge myself. It's really not a very nice thing to do, because Canada can be a nice place.

In an effort to atone for my sins, I would like to compliment Canada on one of her new TV shows that just started running. I heard about it on NPR and ended up watching the first episode on YouTube. Just about tinkled in mis pantelones cracking up.

It's pretty hard to believe that someone approved a sitcom called Little Mosque on the Prairie about a group of Muslims who set up a mosque in a small Canadian city. The premise sounds like just about the worst idea in the history of television, and there would seem to be nothing good that could come out the idea. However, the result is one of the best sitcoms I have ever seen.

For starters, it's pretty clean. Hardly any language. No sex. No violence. By cutting these aspects out of the show, it forces the writers to be creative and develop comedic situations that are original and fresh. And do the writers ever shine in this respect.

Secondly, I think the show does a lot to demonstrate how Muslims are subjected to racism every day. It proves the point without being preachy which is pretty much a minor miracle. Other victories for the show include the fact that it is somewhat educational in regards to Muslim culture, and the show's ability to demonstrate the every day side of Muslim life.

This show is essentially the antithesis of White Rapper.

I don't know how Muslims feel about the show. If I find some good opinions, I will post them here. For now, I am a huge fan and I really hope that the show makes it to America. It is probably a lot to ask, but perhaps it will at least be released on DVD.

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  1. adam paul 6:03 PM
    whatever hater. i got a 3.75 last semester. and i plan to match it this time.

    you should be one to talk. mr two posts about television in a row.

    and i'm glad you appreciate leroy. a couple of my friends didnt think it was funny and it kinda hurt my feelings. its nice to know that your sense of humor still exists.

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