Messy Ethics: Revisited

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The government actually went and hooked a brotha up in regards to my environmental quandary. It's probably because most of congress reads my blog and takes it to heart.

Last week, the House passed HR-6. It essentially rolls back tax breaks to oil companies and will instead use those billions of dollars ($14B I believe) to explore alternative energy sources. Apparently, Congress didn't think that individual companies that are making $10 billion profits each quarter don't need help paying their taxes. That's probably a good call.

It's pretty hard to believe that congress passed a bill that is such a double-whammy. Not only do the oil companies have to pay their fair debt to society, but the money they are now paying goes into figuring out how to get out from under said companies. I read through the bill and I didn't really see any loopholes that would give the companies an easy out. Granted, bills are full of a lot of political and legal jargon, but I think I limped through it ok.

I am honestly so pumped about this bill that I emailed my Representative a thank you note today. I hope he reads it, because I doubt Reps get all that much positive affirmation without a check attached.

For this to work out it still has to get through the Senate and escape the President's veto pen which could very well be a daunting task. But at least there is a strong voice that is standing up against big oil and letting them know that we're not just going to sit around and do nothing about our oil addiction and the ever-growing energy footprint that our nation leaves behind.

This whole thing is still a process. In all likelihood, the energy crisis will not be solved in one year. But at least there is a chance there could be some serious financial backing to working for a solution

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