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Last night I made it back from my first multiple-day silence and solitude retreat. I highly recommend it, though I suggest you do a little reading before you go. To kick off our time, we looked at some Dallas Willard and some Foster. Both were really helpful in setting a good tone for the three days. I had some good time to be quiet and rest. I had a chance to evaluate different aspects of life and spirituality. I even had a couple of revelations that I might share someday. Honestly, it takes a lot longer to process everything on the back end of a trip like this that I would have thought. I have quite a few journal pages of reflection to go back and work through over the next couple of days.

One completely trivial revelation that I don't need to reflect on much pertains to a certain snack food that I had the opportunity to consume for the first time last night. Have you ever had Pepperoni Pizza Combos? You need to. Those things are amazing. They are like a small dried breadstick that is wrapped around some type of dehydrated pizza "filling". I know. It sounds nasty. It sounded quite dubious to me, but I had a couple in the car and they were so stinkin' amazing. The flavor just keeps coming and coming, and it is so incredibly layered. I can't believe the inventor of those things didn't win a Nobel Prize. I heartily advise that you pick up a bag at your first gas station break on your next road trip.

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  1. adam paul 6:47 PM
    they sound like bite-sized hot pockets.
  2. adam paul 7:52 PM
    ps. nate's house for OSU/FL on tuesday.
    you should probably come.

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