Star Wars Spectacular

By Christian

One day at church I was talking to this lady who directs a local choir and she was expressing a lament that had something to do with the fact that the arts are under appreciated and under attended in local schools. I informed her that just a few days prior I had attended a football game between two inner-city schools in my neighborhood just so I could see the bands play. The conversation proceeded something like this:

"That is so good of you to do that. Was there even anyone there?"

"Yeah. Tons of people. In fact, Schlagle High School probably has the best marching band in the city."

It's pretty funny (in a sad way) that this lady didn't know how amazing inner-city bands can be. She assumed that since she hadn't seen any of them at the Johnson County band festivals that they must not have their stuff together. In actuality, the band I went to see is so busy traveling around the country that they don't mess with local stuff too much. That and and the JoCo band festivals they don't let you dance. That's a problem when you have a Southern Style Marching program that incorporates classic and current musical influences from jazz, soul and hip-hop. You gotta dance, son.

Fortunately for all of us, George Lucas knows how fantastic Southern Style Marching Bands can be. He also knows that GSU has the best marching band in the world. That's why he used his authority as Grand Marshall of the Rose Parade this year to go out of his way to invite the Grambling State University band to dress up in full Star Wars regalia and play Star Wars music, followed by the Storm Trooper battalion. Holla! I thought I couldn't love Star Wars anymore, but now I do.

Some other bowl thoughts from this bowl season...

*Whoever keeps inviting Notre Dame to play in BCS Bowls needs a swift kick to the crotch. Has there ever been a more overrated team in the history of sports? No. In their last five bowl games they have been outscored 182-59. And yet, they keep getting invited back into prestigious games where they are over matched and that end up being non-entertaining. Oh, and they get paid $13 million to get their fannies kicked.

*Boise Sate v. Oklahoma was so worth staying up past midnight for.

*USC was bored this year. They absolutely destroyed their best competition, and lost to average teams.

*This bowl season had to have set a record for the highest number or dramatic comebacks in a single year. It was great.

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