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So, something crazy just happened that must be noted in my chronicles of 2006. I know I just blogged about my fav sports moments of the year, but we have a late addition.

The Chiefs are going to the playoffs. Inexplicably, I might add.

Going into the game, the Chiefs not only had to win but three other teams had to lose. One of these teams was the dreaded Denver Broncos (BOOOOOOOO Broncos!!!), who would have to lose a home game to the lowly 49ers. Would you believe that just a few minutes ago Joe Nedney kicked an OT field goal to defeat the Broncos and send KC to the playoffs? Believe it, baby. Believe it.

Yeah, now the Chiefs have to go to Indy next week, but for the time being they can ride high and be glad they made it.

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  1. adam paul 11:20 PM
    please LJ vs the Colt's run defense?
    thats a win for sure.

    go chiefs. way to rep your town.

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