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My music experiences this year were great. I got to listen to some fantastic music both live and recorded. Some highlights:

*The Roots: Game Theory - The Roots aren't your typical rap band. They are only quasi-popular because their songs typically don't sound too good on the radio. They don't talk about sex enough and are far too socially conscious. Perfect. Game Theory is essentially what Kanye West says he is and wishes he was. Instead, he's a rapper who makes records for the radio, and The Roots are rappers who make records to send a message. Mission accomplished.

*Gnarls Barkley - I thought Gnarls was stupid because of their name. In actuality, they are amazing. It's a sentimental record to me, because CeeLo Green and I have grown up over a period of time. Back when I was a punk high school kid I used to listen to this group called Goodie Mob. CeeLo was the head man, and I dug his voice, his rhymes and Goodie's crazy southern beats. Well, CeeLo has earned enough creative capital to do whatever the heck he wants, so he decided to team up with Danger Mouse, name his new band Gnarls Barkely, and release an absolutely splendid album this year. Oh yeah, he also dressed up like Darth Vader and performed Crazy on an MTV awards show.

*The Complete U2 - Having all of U2's works is great, but it sure makes it hard for you to want to listen to anything else.

*Nickel Creek Concert - Word on the street is that these cats are taking a break, so I'm glad I got to see them live. Their show was both fast and furious. It would be pretty hard to convince me that Bluegrass is not the most exciting form of music to listen to live.

*The David Crowder Experience - Late one night, I found myself in the back room of a local eatery talking theology with the David Crowder Band. A lot of people are quick to bash current worship artists on account that their songs are shallow and simple. This does not apply to Mr. Crowder. At the time, he was writing a book on the theology of bluegrass, and he might know more than a lot of people I go to seminary with. The guy is so incredibly aware of the effect his music has on the way people experience and view God, and he does not take that responsibility lightly. As much as I love his music, I can honestly say that I respect him even more as a person.

*Dixie Chicks - I've blogged about it before, so I'll spare you today.

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