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I've been bummin a little bit for the past couple of days. It seems as though Ethiopia has been bombing strategic Muslim targets in Somolia this week. This is just part of an ongoing conflict between the neighboring African countries. 1,000 people have died, 3,000 have been wounded. It's a tough situation, because the power vacuum in Somalia has been filled by various warlords and Muslim Jihaddists over the past decade. The two countries have had a tenuous relationship over the years, but this thing is really in danger of spiraling out of control if the situation cannot be contained soon.

Ethiopia has had a special place in my heart since our adoption agency (Children's Hope International) started working there in earnest. There are 4 million orphans in the country and 1 million children have lost at least one parent to AIDS. By 2014, it is estimated that 2.1 million kids will be orphans due to their parents dying of AIDS. In addition to starting adoptions in Ethiopia, CHI is also working on an orphanage in the country. "CHI has built the first floor of this orphanage that will serve not only as a home for abandoned children, but also as a educational and medical center for the entire community. After it begins operation, the orphanage will develop a HIV/AIDS treatment center as well."

With CHI trying to work to address these serious issues, it is frustrating to see things happening in the region that could throw a wrench into their ability to work in Ethiopia. So many good things have been started, but work like this requires a certain amount of stability within the country. Wars hurt the poor. Wars cause more orphans. Wars take resources away from orphans and widows who could otherwise be helped.

And so I pray for the Ethiopians and the Somalians. A generation of Somalians are growing up knowing nothing but civil war and rogue warlords. I pray that the two countries can figure things out and that the African Union will provide better ideas and support for both countries. I pray that the Red Cross will effectively be able to help the 600 people they are currently serving. I pray that Americans will explore news sources that report issues in non-wealthy non-oil countries, and that those Americans will pray like crazy for peace. I pray for the orphans and for the people trying to minister to them.

I pray because my heart is saddened, and it gives me no choice.

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