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Last night, justice was served. Saddam was put to death, and rightly so. He murdered many civilians in the 1980's, and did so with the use of chemical weapons. He was a terrorist. He was a killer. He was found guilty of his crimes and now he has paid the price for them.

Sometimes justice can be a pretty tricky thing. In this case, it was quite simple.

Not only was Saddam found guilty, but so were some of his cohorts. Two were sentenced to death, one will spend life in prison, and three will spend 15 years in prison. That's justice. Because if you don't cut off entire networks of terror, then terror will continue to thrive. You must punish the terrorists as well as those who empower them and assist them. The hand of justice must extend to all those responsible, or it is rendered weak. It's just that simple.

At this point, we must finish the job. Now that they aren't threatened by Saddam, people will start talking. They can start telling us who supplied Saddam with his weapons in the '80's and who he was working with. Then, we can find those people and execute justice. It should be an open and shut case now that Saddam has been found guilty. If you are an accomplice to murder, you are a murderer. Plain and simple.

What's that you say? That must be a mistake. They didn't mention that in the paper this morning.

The US provided Saddam with chemical weapons? ("Officers say US aided Iraq despite the use of gas", August 18, New York Times) Regan and Rumsfeld helped Iraq battle-plan these atrocities so that Iran would be less of a threat in the region? The US helped Iraq develop its chemical and biological weapons programs?

Yeah, about that justice thing. Maybe it's not that simple. Maybe we'll just make sure justice is executed over there. We'll take a large helping of grace, please.

"Saddam's execution punishes a crime with another crime."

-Cardinal Renato Martino

"Grace is contagious, just like violence. I always say that if we believe terrorists are beyond redemption, we can rip out half of our New Testaments, since it was written by a converted terrorist who became an extremist for grace. It's what happens when we discover that God has a desperate love for losers just like us."

-Shane Claiborne in The Irresistible Revolution (p. 272), making reference to Paul (aka Saul) in Acts 8-9.


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