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By "it", I am of course referring to the 2010 World Cup. Duh. Anyway, today FIFA officially announced that the 2010 WC will be held starting June 11, which means we are only 1283 days away. This might seem like a long time, but it's really pretty short for me as I need to spend that time devising a way to get to the WC and get tickets to a couple of matches.

What makes WC '10 especially tantalizing is that it is being held in South Africa. Over the past seven months or so I have had a great desire to try to get to a World Cup, and also to try to get to Africa. Now considering my personal responsibilities and financial situation, both of these desires most certainly fall into the "Someday" category. But honestly, it would be so stinkin' tight to take in the World Cup in the land where Diski was pioneered. To see the world come together to play the most popular game in all the world. All continents, all different ethnic backgrounds. All in the land where Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and Edward J. Perkins fought so that all people could experience the dignity that is afforded to us as Children of God. I'm telling you, it would be off the hook.

Alas, a dream it shall probably remain. Tis still a sweet dream.

Oh, BTW. Yesterday FC Barcelona managed to break out of their Champion's League slump to knock off Werder Bremen and earn their way into the knockout round. I had taped the game, and was really struggling to decide if I should watch it last night or instead work on a paper that's due on Thursday. I chose to watch the game, but fortunately FCB scored two goals in the first 20 minutes, so I just watched the first half and then skimmed the second half. Still had time to finish my paper and get into be by midnight.

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