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I read the Kansas City Star every day. Most of the time it's a cover-to-cover affair. I have a little system where I take care of the entertainment parts first (Sports, Life), and then move to the deeper parts of the paper so that I can properly digest them without distraction. Three notes of little depth from the paper today...

*This year will be the best Rose Bowl Parade ever. The event has never been appointment viewing for me, but this year will be different. Not only will George Lucas be the Grand Marshall of the parade, but there will also be 2 Starwars floats. The highlight will most certainly be the 200 member Stormtrooper battalion that will also be making an appearance. I can hear the Imperial Deathmarch in my head already.

*As many of you know, Get Fuzzy is my favorite comic. What many of you don't know is that my second favorite is Foxtrot. The bad news today is that Foxtrot will only be printed on Sundays starting at the beginning of the year. For a guy who only reads 5 comics on a regular basis, this is quite a blow. Especially so considering that Boondocks seems to be on a permanent hiatus. Now we're just down to Fuzzy, Dilbert, Pearls Before Swine and Doonesbury in the regular rotation. The great thing about Foxtrot is that it's so dorky, much like myself. The main character loves Starwars, Videogames, and saying random things. We're kindred spirits. But alas, we shall only be able to meet on Sundays.No Foxtrot except on Sundays.

*The sports section is usually the typical landing spot for strip club advertisements. Today there were two particularly large, full-color strip club adverts on the bottom of one of the pages. Tucked in a corner between the two was a very small, black-and-white ad for the KC Ballet's upcoming Nutcracker performances. It's like someone had called the ad in and filed it under "dancing", so it got stuck in with the strippers. It just seemed slightly ironic that the one dancing performance of value was so non-descript and in the shadows of the carnal. It reminds me of a customer I had when I was a high-school senior working at Niketown. This girl came in to buy some tearaway basketball pants. I asked who she played for, but she replied that she wasn't an athlete. She needed them for dancing. "Oh, like HipHop or ballet?" I asked. "Exotic," she replied. I was pretty speechless after that. I had never met a stripper before, and I wasn't really sure how to make conversation with one. I was also shocked when one of my coworkers shared that he had seen her perform. Welcome to the world, kid.

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