Movie Review: Happy Feet

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I usually don't go to two movies in the span of 12 days. However, I did go see "Happy Feet" with some of our kids yesterday, and here are some of my random thoughts from the experience.

*There is nothing like watching kids movies with kids. You never know what they are going to find funny, and when they start laughing it's totally contagious. I loved it.

*Kids movies probably don't need lots of sexual innuendo. This movie had a ton of it, which was a disappointment. I'm not sure how much the kids pick up, but why not just keep it clean and innocent? Then I don't have to spend my time worrying about how I'm going to explain things later.

*This was probably the most bizarre movie I've seen in a while. The problem was that for most of it, they were trying to be somewhat realistic. It's CGI talking penguins, but at the same time the creators had obviously watched a lot of penguin documentaries, and modeled the entire plot after such accuracies. Well, the last 15 minutes were the most ludicrous movie minutes ever. Huge plot jumps, completely implausible scenarios. It was a mess. I was actually stunned and shocked by how plain odd the last part of the movie was.

*Robin Williams is amazing in cartoons. So is Eddie Murphy for that matter, but he wasn't in this one. Nicole Kidman was in it, and I am constatly amazed at how well she can sing. She's really really good.

*One of the perils in going to a movie with kids is that you end up in the front row. I think my retina almost exploded.

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