Rite of Passage

By Christian
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This was a big weekend for me. I think I might have proved my manhood. I'm not usually one to go around patting myself on the back, but I just can't help myself this time.

If you rewind back to last weekend, you will remember that our dishwasher broke. It was a pretty cheap dishwasher, so it isn't surprising that it gave up the ghost. It's a pretty necessary appliance at this point though, since we're washing baby bottles all of the time. I took the thing apart last weekend, and narrowed the problem down to three possibilities. Unfortunately, each would require a part in excess of $45. Plus, if I guessed the wrong problem, I'd be out time and money.

So, I started looking on Craigs List for dishwashers. They were all pretty spendy, and I was starting to get bummed. Then, salvation came. A guy across the street from our church was selling his old unit, because he was completely remodeling his kitchen. The price for a lightly used dishwasher that was in a whole other league above ours? $40. ChaChing!!!!

So, I picked it up on Saturday. I had to carry it to the Jeep myself, because the gentleman I bought it from had back issues. No prob. I beasted that thing straight into the back of the jeep. Next, I unloaded it myself and even brought it into the house. Stacy would have helped, but I was on an ego trip and feeling very manly by this point. Finally, I spent the next hour hooking that bad boy up. Two hoses for water, as well as a nice hardwire electrical job straight into the fuse box. No prob. And now, we have a wonderful new appliance. So what our hodge-podge kitchen now has an almond fridge, a white stove, a stainless steel coffee maker and a beautiful black dishwasher. Please don't tell HGTV, or they will openly mock me on national TV.

Not that I really care. I mean, I installed a stinkin dishwasher. It's a pretty big deal, because I didn't grow up doing that type of stuff. My parents built a new home when I was in Middle School, and since everything was new nothing ever broke down. That being the case, my father in-law has taught me how to be somewhat of a handyman, and now I got to take my first steps out of the nest and put my new knowledge to good use.

If you have any dirty dishes at your home that need washed, feel free to bring them over. I'll even turn on the "sanitize" cycle. Oh, sweet sweet germ killing boiling water running over my dishes, how I do love thee so.

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