Election Day

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Happy Election Day everyone!!! I don't know about you, but I always find these days pretty exciting. I'm probably a dork, but I like watching the national returns on TV with the color-coded maps and pundit reviews. I haven't decided who I'm going to watch tonight. We'll see who they're running out on PBS. Perhaps flip between that program and Comedy Central.
Just thought I'd add share some of my favorite moments of Election Brevity on this day that often gets everyone so worked up. I hope you enjoy the comics from above. They actually ran yesterday, but they were so funny that I had to share them with everyone. Actually, I should say that I thought they were funny. My wife wasn't that impressed with the "Get Fuzzy" selection (that's the one with the cat and dog, and is my favorite comic strip of all time...more on that later in the week).
For the record, I actually voted on Sunday. Much like Satchel Pooch, I went the advance ballot route. I got to enjoy the spoils of Democracy in the comfort of my own home. The best part is that along with my advance ballot, the election office included one of those sweet "I Voted" stickers, so I don't have to miss out on that tremendous perk! I wear it with pride.
After thoroughly scrutinizing the voters guide and evaluating the candidates, you will be happy to know that I voted for members of both major parties (not in any single race, of course. that would be silly, and it would also render my vote worthless). I was sad that the great state of Kansas did not trot out any worthy third-party candidates, but there is always next election. Please don't tell the cats I said that.
If your candidates win today, then congrats. If not, no worries. Regardless of the outcomes we can all be good citizens by praying for our leaders and doing what we can to help this country run as smoothly as possible.
Go vote. Take a deep breath, and be happy that the political ads are over.
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