Halloween: A Review

By Christian
I'm usually not a big Halloween guy.

I've come to the point in life where cheap candy just doesn't do it for me, and I don't have the desire to figure out a costume every year. I will admit that one of my lifelong dreams is to get an authentic Chewbacca costume, but until I'm so blessed as to have such an outfit, I will probably just dress my child up for Halloween.

That being said, we got to gussy up the little lady this year in a smashing pumpkin outfit. Since Elli is so little, we had to get her a newborn costume, which meant she ended up getting dressed in a pumpkin-like bag. The result was a creature that I often refer to as the PumpkinPollywog, because it was lacking limbs. That being the case, she was still very cute, though she was none to pleased with the fact that she was dressed in a fleece pouch that covered her from head to toe. As you can tell from the pic, neither the PumpkinPollywog nor Piglet were all that impressed with Halloween.

On a different Halloween tangent...last night was Middle School youth group. The fact that our numbers were down were not that surprising. When you spend the night before staying out late and celebrating Satan, I guess it's a good idea to skip the whole Jesus thing and stay home to do homework instead. (Please feel free to reread the past sentence with a sarcastic tone, if you failed to do so the first time) The kids we did have were in a over-sugared state of euphoria, which made for an interesting evening. I can't wait until Easter.

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  1. Adam Paul 1:38 AM
    cept she kinda looks like a jack-o-turnip.

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