Sweet Bible Study

By Christian
Tuesday is Middle School Bible study day. I meet with a bunch of MS students after school at Panera Bread, and we spend about an hour together. It's a really wild time usually, because not only are they pumped to be out of school, but they also tend to order things that are high on sugar. This means that it is very important to come with things that will hold their attention, because if you don't then you are dead in the water.
Yesterday, my co-leader and I decided to bring a Napoleon Dynamite themed study that we found on the Youth Specialties site (http://www.youthspecialties.com/free/programming/napoleon/). It was fantastic. My favorite part was watching two of our middle school students act out the following skit where Napolean eats lunch with Jesus. Just for the record, we don't usually use skits in our ministry. They tend to be cheesy and whatnot, but for this gem we made an exception...
28 questions about Napoleon Dynamite By Steve Case ©2004 by Youth Specialties, Inc. Napoleon Dynamite Meets Jesus
Setting: The high school lunchroom: Napoleon is eating and Jesus comes over with a Styrofoam tray.
Jesus: Can I sit here?
Napoleon: I guess.
Jesus: Thanks
Napoleon: You're Jesus, right?
Jesus: That's right.
Napoleon: So you can do that whole walk on the water thing?
Jesus: Yes.
Napoleon: Sweet.
Jesus: Yeah.
Napoleon: Did you ever fight Satan or any other creatures from Hell?
Jesus: (looks at him while chewing)
Napoleon: Sweet. Are you going to eat your tots?
Jesus: No.
Napoleon: Can I have them?
Jesus: Sure.
Napoleon: (reaches over and takes Jesus' tots and puts them in is pocket)
Jesus: You can have more.
Napoleon. Jesus, I already took 'em all.
Jesus. No you didn't.
Napoleon. That's a cool trick. Did you do that?
Jesus: Yes
Napoleon. Sweet.
Fair Dinkum

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