Birthing in the Lap of Luxury

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On Wed Stacy had to work a stupid OB call shift. Nothing says "suck" like working 24 hours that end at 7am on Thanksgiving morning. The only upsides are that the hospital is cool about letting Elli and I come up to hang for dinner, and that following dinner we could do a little ultrasound action.

Since it was a very quite night on the floor, we ended up doing the ultrasound in one of the labor rooms. It was my first time in one of them, and let me tell you...they are swanky. The hospital is even in the 'hood, but you wouldn't know it by these rooms. Newly remodeled with nice wood laminate flooring. Good furniture. Flat screen TV's. And a jacuzzi tub. That's right. A stinkin' jacuzzi in the room.

As any good husband would, I'm rooting for a labor that is as short as possible without Stacy giving birth in the car on the way to the hospital. But they usually last a little longer than that, so we'll probably have some time in the room.

In order to get an idea for Stacy's preferences, I asked if she would be requiring the services of the Jacuzzi. As of yet, she has not determined any Jacuzzi preference. Something about waiting to see how she feels when she's actually laboring. Fair enough.

I, however, have decided that if she decides to forgo the Jacuzzi, then I get first dibs. I'm totally bringing my swim suit to the hospital in the event that she decides she doesn't want to avail herself to the warmth and comfort of swirling water.

Informed of my intentions, she had a very good question for me. "Are you sure you want to Jacuzzi in a bunch of women's laboring juices?" Good question, and one that I hadn't completely thought through. But the way I see it, it's nothing a few of those Clorox bathroom wipes shouldn't be able to handle. According to the label, they neutralize 99.9% of germs. That's most of them.

So until further notice, we will be packing my swim suit and towel in the hospital overnight bag. If Stacy gives you permission to join us in the laboring room, you may bring yours as well. Just remember. I have first dibs after Stacy.

Renew and Restore.

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  1. Jennifer 4:40 PM
    I hate to burst your bubble, but I'm pretty sure they don't allow anyone but the laboring mama to use the tub!
  2. Amy 8:01 PM
    David had the grand idea that the hubbies could be having a hottub party while each of us is in labor. Hmmm ... clearly you guys are on a very different wavelength than ours! :-)
  3. alicia 5:12 PM
    ew. that's so gross.

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